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The importance of updates

Microsoft, Adobe and other large software companies regularly release automatic updates to keep you safe and secure when using your computer online. So why is that that almost every machine we work on is out of date? Keep reading to learn more…

Important software that you use everyday when browsing the internet, writing email or playing games can be the source of dangerous security flaws. This software can be anything from Flash player for watching videos on Youtube, Java for playing some popular games or even the Windows operating system itself. The flaws in these pieces of software are regularly patched with updates which should be automatically installed, but for many users this doesn’t happen.

There are many reasons why regular updates are ignored and never installed or why they may fail to install at all. I’ve listed a few reasons below to help you understand the situation:

  • My ‘computer-savvy’ friend said updates are bad
    Short answer: find new friends… Jokes aside, this is simply not true. While updates can potentially cause programs to stop working, the benefits outweigh the almost non-existent risks. Never willfully disable your automatic updates.
  • Updates are always get in my way!
    While it’s true that updates can pop up when you’re busy, installing them will rarely impact your ability to continue working. For the most part updates will complete their installation when you startup or shutdown your computer so they don’t get in your way while you’re working at all. Never ignoring or disabling your updates will keep your machine safe and is always worth the minor inconvenience.
  • My computer doesn’t automatically update
    There are many reasons why your computer may be unable to update. We find that computer viruses or other malware is often the cause. Malicious programs which are designed to spy on your browsing habits or try to sell you products or services may also disable your PC’s updating ability. Toolbars, PC ‘Optimizers’, Coupon finders all have an ulterior motive to spy on you – sometimes keeping your computer out of date and insecure is the only way they can do it without being found.

These are just a few common reasons your computer may be out of date and consequently acting up or failing to function at all. An out of date PC is vulnerable to dangerous viruses and should be updated and cleaned of any malicious software as soon as you see suspicious behavior. As part of our virus removal service we ensure that your machine is free of any viruses and malware and we fix your software’s built in ability to update to the latest secure version. If you find that your machine isn’t updating but is otherwise acting normally, we can help get it functioning normally and check to make sure nothing sinister slipped in while it was behind.

When your computer leaves our shop, not only will Windows be up to date, but we’ll make sure your Adobe and Sun products are current and able to continue receiving critical security patches as they become available.