Computer Sales and Repair


At PC Pro we offer a wide array of services to fix your PC or expand your home or small business capabilities. We can Increase your computer memory, replace an old hard drive or perform other upgrades. Inexpensive upgrades can dramatically increase performance and storage space. Wireless networking, CD/DVD writing, and comprehensive backup solutions can also be added.

Something not running right? We can repair all PCs and Laptops as well as troubleshoot networks and printer issues.

See below for a full list of our services, or call today for a free estimate:

Computer Repair
We use a step by step approach to troubleshoot the most difficult problems for any desktop and laptop system. An extensive stock of swap-out parts, coupled with decades of experience reduces repair costs and down-time. We make every attempt to preserve and/or recover existing data. And we will keep you informed about the status of a repair when and if crucial decisions need to be made.

We offer:

  • Data recovery and transfer from corrupt and failing hard-drives
  • Hardware replacement for any and every system component that may be the cause of the problem
  • Upgrades and repair of non-functional or halted system fans and cooling devices
  • Increased system speed and capacity through hard-drive and memory upgrades
  • Speed increases through Windows optimization and system cleanup
  • Repair of corrupted Windows installation and other software failure

We also offer laptop specific repairs:

  • Replacement of broken or cracked LCD screens of any size for any model laptop
  • Broken power jacks can be replaced and reinforced to restore proper charging function
  • Clogged cooling fans and airways can be cleaned to decrease temps and increase stability

Virus Removal
Slow system performance, long boot times, pop-ups, and instability are all common symptoms of a virus infection. Spyware and adware can open doors in your machine that can lead to further infection and damage to your system. We use a step-by-step procedure to ensure that any existing infection is entirely removed. We also provide our customers with the newest set of tools and utilities to prevent future attacks.

  • Complete removal of all Viruses, Trojans, and other known Spyware
  • Windows optimization and repair to restore speed and functionality to the system
  • Many free programs and utilities are installed to help prevent re-infection

PC Pro provides a full set of networking services targeted toward business owners and home office users. We offer many options for wireless and wired networks depending on the client’s needs. Including, but not limited to:

  • Network hardware Setup and consulting
  • Wireless 802.11 B/G configurations for mobile computing
  • Network troubleshooting and repair
  • Internet and Email setup and assistance
  • Custom networking for small and large applications