Computer Sales and Repair

High-End Server

This system is well suited for motion graphics, video and photo editing. Increased data-reliability through RAID is included.

fast, durable, fault-tolerant server.

  • 2x Intel Dual Core Xeon 5050 3.0 Ghz CPUs with Intel heat-sinks and fans.
  • Intel S5000VSA ATX Server Motherboard with 2 PCI Express slots, 2 PCI-X 64-bit slots, and 1 PCI bus slots. Built-in to the motherboard are 1 channel of enhanced PCI ATA 100 EIDE and 6 channels of SATA 150 with RAID 0, 1, 10 (w/ Optional AXXRAKSW5 for RAID 5). Supports 2 enhanced IDE devices. Motherboard has six USB 2.0 ports.
  • 2.0 GB DDR2-667 ECC memory (matched pair running in dual mode). Motherboard has 8 DDR2 memory slots with ECC support.
  • Sony 3.5” 1.44 mb high density floppy drive.
  • 2x Western Digital Caviar RE WD2500YS 250GB 7200RPM Drives in mirrored array for System Software
  • 2x Western Digital Caviar RE WD3200YS 320GB 7200RPM Drives in mirrored array for extra storage
  • Intel SC5275-E Server Chassis with 600 watt power supply.
  • Sony DVD-R/W (Reads and burns CDs and DVDs of all types).
  • 2x Intel Gigabit Ethernet connections
  • ATI ES1000 with 16MB SDRAM memory is integrated into the motherboard

Price: $2,220 plus tax.

  • Add Microsoft Windows Server Standard 2003 w/ 5 CALs – $799
  • Add Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 SP1 w/ 5 Client License – $499
  • Add APC Battery Backup UPS BP700UC w/ power conditioning – $175


  • Above equipment carries a one year limited labor and parts warranty to cover any failure that may arise out of manufacturing defects of workmanship.
  • In addition, all Intel components carry a 3 year limited warranty.
  • All prices subject to change due to market conditions. We reserve the right to limit purchases to 5 units and/or adjust prices. Please call today for a free written quote.